Websites, Apps & IT

San Francisco Bay Area

20 years of IT & web experience in business, government & community


Wordpress, Drupal & Phoenix
Wordpress, Drupal & Phoenix
20 years of experience building websites

For colleges, universities, government, business, cooperatives & non profits


Microsoft Windows, Mac & Linux
Microsoft Windows, Mac & Linux
IT systems support

Workstations, servers, hardware and software


Web, Android & iOS Apps
Web, Android & iOS Apps
Cross platform & native apps

JSON API driven mobile apps for the tap and swipe economy

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Wordpress ecommerce

We have experience building ecommerce websites using Wordpress & WooCommerce

Building websites since 1997 including small business, community, government & corporates

Owner of Nicholas Roberts
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Drupal 7 & Drupal 8

We can build websites using Drupal 7 or Drupal 8 for web content management.

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Websites, Apps & IT for competitive business solutions in a complex and challenging world. We make simple and sustainable systems

Read our book Website Build Book

Development Ecosystems

We work with commercial open source software and devise strategies that leverage open source ecosystems.

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Open Source

Commercial open source contributions
Drupal & Wordpress Hosting

Comunity manager & web developer for commercial open source Drupal & Wordpress hosting solution. Organized and spoke at events at Stanford, United Nations, Cal, SCALE, UC Davis. Coordinated with Free Software Foundation.

Aegir Summit 2016 | Aegir Summit 2015 Aegir Hosting System Aegir Gov

Contract Webmaster

Californian government agency
Contract Drupal & Wordpress Webmaster for high-profile Californian biotech agency

Day-to-day website management: hosting, code & digital assets management. Large (6000 pages), complex (15 content types) Drupal 7 site. Plus 1000 page Wordpress blog.

Open Planet Culture

Custom Wordpress
Wordpress website for global civic action

Advanced custom theme and code for Wordpress site themed around re-thinking globalization Blog "Building Open Planet Culture"
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We have a farm in the North Bay of San Francisco we where research and develop solutions for modern problems

Sustainability framework project A modern practical sustainability framework for real people

Contract Work

We can take a concept to completion. Contact us.

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